Welcome to the website of TTO SAS!

The Technology Transfer Office of Slovak Academy of Sciences (TTO SAS) was established during the project CEKOODUV with the aim to intensify the cooperation of scientists with the commercial and public sector with the support of technology transfer specialists to use the great potential of the research organizations of Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS).


Technology transfer offices are abroad a usual part of universities or research institutes, where they constitue an unquestionable benefit to the whole society. This concept came from the USA also to Europe, where it works more than 30 years.


The main added value of technology transfer offices for research institutions is the creation of relationships with the private sector. Examples include direct financial benefits by means of sale and licensing of inventions and technologies from scientific research institutions.

Social contribution lies in an active facilitating of creation of new companies that create new job opportunities and bring on the market new and innovative products.


Contact person for the field of intellectual property and technology transfer:


Ing. Martin Gróf, PhD.
phone: 0911 038 240
e-mail: info.ktt@savba.sk
skypeskype: martin_grof_sk